It’s a very busy week this week with construction crews working all over the place.  The good news is everything is getting very close to completion.  Shannon Cheyne says “We are planning a HUGE event to celebrate our beautiful new district.” The event is scheduled for May 7.  Details including the exact time and plans for the Celebration will be released in a few weeks from now.

Here is what’s happening this week:

Wool Street: The street will be open to traffic but will be extremely congested.  Crews are working on concrete on the side of the street, both upper and lower Wool.  They will be adding additional pedestrian signage to help direct traffic and people.  There has been a change since the update last week.  The Wool/Sutter lot has remained open and ideas are being explored to install a temporary driveway so the lot will remain usable until the new building is developed.  The good news is our closest parking lot is not going away, for now.

Sutter Street 700 Block700 block: Crews are working on the Hacienda/Pizzeria Classico corner.  Concrete was poured today and more will be poured later this week.  The wall will begin on Wednesday.  This area is scheduled to be completed by Friday.  While working, the street will remain open.

600 block: The remainder of the Chicago Fire concrete will be poured on Friday.  Access from the corner of Riley and Sutter will be opened back up by the weekend for shopping and easier access across the intersection between the 600 and 700 blocks.

Landscaping: Planters located in the 900, 800, and 700 block are being prepared with mulch and treatment.  The planting of the new plants will be happening next week.  Sutter Street will be open to vehicle traffic while this work is happening.  Trees are being planted in the 600 block tomorrow.  While the trees are being planted, the street will be open to one way vehicle traffic.

Leidesdorff: last week the sewer bypass  was postponed due to higher than anticipated flows.  They will be reattempting the bypass on Tuesday night.  This shouldn’t impact businesses as it will be in the middle of the night.

Riley: The Bag Lady will be closed thru Thursday while crews build a new sidewalk in front of the business.  Mélange will be open during this work so remember to support Mélange this week.  Parking in front of the Mélange will be open to customers.  Riley may be closed Wednesday and Thursday at midnight for a sewer bypass.  If Riley is closed, traffic will be detoured.

New sidewalk, seating at top of the 600 BlockCrews will not be working the next two weekends in observance of the Valentine’s Day and President’s Day holiday.

So don’t just wait for completion, come down to the street now and stickybeak to see this historic change in progress.

The next City-Sponsored coffee chat is taking place this Thursday, February 10, 8:30 am at The Black Rooster.  Please bring your questions and concerns and talk directly to the project team and city officials while enjoying coffee and pastries.