The writers at love to write about anything newsworthy going on in Folsom Contact them by using the email addresses listed below.


Alan Gray: [email protected]


Alan Gray
Alan was the Secretary of the Folsom Historic District Association for three years and that gave him great insight into the goings on in Folsom.

Sally Gray
Sally is a knitter, quilter and photographer who loves the Historic District

Kathryn Corbett
Being a member or many different community organizations gives Kathryn great insight into what is going on in Folsom

Judyth Piazza
Judyth is our mother hen, as well as being an excellent writer and promoter, she has a great instinct for what readers care about.

John Danz
As a younger writer, John sees things from a different perspective and that helps when writing about the many events going on in Folsom.


Sally Gray

Michael Sato
Michael has an amazing eye for detail and uses his skills to capture the moment, frozen in time, in still photography.

Videographers and Video Editors

Michael Sato

Fernando Fernandez
Fernando is fast learner, who can cut a video faster and more precisely than editors with much more experience.

Alan Gray

E-Mailing Address

[email protected]