Starting tonight, Teichert are demolishing sidewalks.  They start in the 600 block and move to the 700 block.  What is not removed tonight, will be removed on Sunday night.

Listed below are details block by block:

800 block: Concrete continues to be poured.  All sidewalks, granite and concrete is scheduled for completion by Wednesday of next week.  Following completion, railings and lights will be installed.

700 block: Teichert continues to grade the road working during the day through Saturday.  On Monday, the first layer of the new road will be paved.  Sidewalk demolition begins tonight.  What is not removed tonight will be removed Sunday night.

600 block: The street continues to be graded.  On Monday, the first layer of the new road will be paved.  Sidewalk demolition is happening tonight.

Wool Street: Sewer and storm drain work continues.  Wool will be closed while Teichert is working and the Sutter/Wool intersection will be closed at night until paving on Monday.  The Wool/Sutter lot will be opened up when possible.  There is still substantial work to be done on Wool so the schedule shows Teichert working up until Thanksgiving.

Scott Street: Scott Street is being demolished during the day on Saturday.  The new road will be graded and repaved the following Friday, Nov 12.  While work is happening on Scott Street, it will be closed to vehicle traffic.  Parking for the Folsom Power and Electric building will only be available from Riley Street.  Access to the upper garage will not be available for the week of work.  Traffic coming from the Rainbow Bridge should park in Trader Lane, as you can’t turn left into the lower lot (Clouds Lot).