900 block: Sutter Street off ramp will be open October 14th and will remain open. Installing granite gutters continues. The 900 block will be open to vehicle traffic up to Decatur by the end of the week.

800 block: Sidewalk forms on concrete start today and until next Wednesday. There will be meetings with individual business owners to discuss access. Grading continues on the street and the paving the new street is scheduled for the week of 10/25. Every effort is being made to have the new street paved by the Night of 1,000 Pumpkins on 10/29.

700 block: Water and fire services are being installed to buildings. PG&E installation of services.

600 block: Installation of electrical. PG&E services.

Riley: PG&E is working at night tonight through Thursday. Work beginning at 9 pm at night.

Wool: Wool will be closed to traffic starting next week and it will be closed for several weeks while Teichert installs underground utilities. Reading and Decatur will be open.

Leidesdorff: Teichert will adjust old waterlines on the corner of Wool and Leidesdorff. Leidesdorff is not expected to be closed, although there may be slight traffic delays. This work will be happening at night.