Folsom City council Candidates Night in the Historic District was held Monday evening, in the grand historic Granite Grammar School Auditorium now known as “Granite Center.”

The natural old beautiful architecture and fine acoustics made this an ideal place for such a gathering, sponsored by The Heritage Preservation League of Folsom (HPL) and Natoma Station Community Organization and arranged by Event coordinator, Kathryn Corbett

Judge Steven C Bailey from the superior court of El Dorado County acted as moderator. Judge Bailey did a splendid job and he and his wife Kathleen were guests at Folsom’s top of the line Hilton Garden Hotel, thanks to manager Maureen.

Karen Holmes of “Karen’s Bakery” donated her fine coffee and a generous offering of delectable baked wonders. Bob Culllifer, former President and founder of Folsom’s “Old Town Talkers” local toastmasters group acted as timer for the event.

The Incumbent candidates were all present

  • Kerri Howell
  • Steve Miklos
  • Andy Morin

    New candidates

  • Jaya badiga
  • Michael kozlowski
  • Alex Munoz
  • Lindsey woodward

    Lindsey Woodward, regretted not being able to participate because of a pressing commitment.

    The agenda was started off by a welcome from the sponsors, The Heritage Preservation League of Folsom and Natoma station Community Organization. Loretta Hettinger HPL President and Barbara Leary of NSCO made introductions and thanked everyone for attending.

    Judge Steven C Bailey asked questions and each candidate was given two minutes to answer. The hot topics included projections for our future, through to Folsom’s Sphere of Influence south of highway 50, the rail depot building, and the state of the economy.

    Most of the questions and answers were recorded – see the videos below.

    If you have questions, please call Coordinator Kathryn Corbett at 916 353 -0556