Social Media had become the popular way to stay in touch with your friends and friends. You have a Facebook page, you tweet, you have a website, a blog, you may even post videos on YouTube and photos on Flickr. is your local solution for Social Media! The website is focused on local events, local news and local topics of interest. Major benefits include the ability to post your business information to both Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, streamlining this process will reduce the time it takes to post to all your social media sites.  With more time on your hands, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Other benefits include:

·         Stay up to date on local news and events with one click of your mouse

·         Add your events (business or personal) to our event calendar.

·         Receive feedback from local residents on potential promotions.

·         Create your own group or join others for business, hobby or pleasure.

·         Blog posting – Promote you business events, charity events & company achievements.

It’s local, it’s social and best of all, it’s free.  Follow this link to sign up today at