Shannon Cheyne, the Folsom Historic District Association manager says the amazing Historic Folsom businesses were open, showcasing themselves for the fabulous Historic Folsom Celebration, last Saturday, May 7.  Shannon says the District looked really beautiful.

Although the project is “officially done” to the community, Teichert, the contractor, will still be working on a few loose ends and finishing check off items.  It is possible an area may need to be closed periodically to vehicles, but there should not be any lengthy street closures.

Shannon says there is a landscaper clean up crew, that comes Monday and Friday mornings.  In the interim, merchants helpto pick up any trash that other people leave, to keep everything looking good. Employees and business owners park their vehicles in the parking garage, to leave the short-term spaces in the street for customers making a short stop to pick up goods.
Historic Folsom Celebration Signals Only Minor Work To Do 1

At the Historic Folsom Celebration, visitors who had stayed away all through the construction said they were surprised by how good the street looked, offering congratulations to Folsom. The construction was quite an ordeal, but now, the benefits are a revitalized community and a welcoming area that should pay back dividends for many years.