The weather forecast shows clear skies all next week which means construction company, Teichert, will move quickly to finish work on Wool Street.

Starting Sunday night, at 8 pm and continuing through Friday, crews will work 24 hours a day to complete all the work left on Wool Street.

Note that there will be no access on Wool from Figueroa to Leidesdorff, excluding the Sutter Street intersection, because the road on Sutter is already completed. Detour routes will be set up throughout the process to allow access into the Historic District via alternative routes such as Decatur, Reading and one way traffic on Sutter Street flowing west to east.

Trader Lane lot access is via Leidesdorff only. Wool lot access will be made available as soon as practical however it will be closed at least Sunday night thru Monday night.

The schedule also shows the last lift of paving on Sutter Street to be installed Thursday, March 31. This work will take all day, from 6 am to 7 pm. Sutter Street from 800 to the 600 block will be closed to vehicle traffic as paving takes place. The work will be completed by the end of the day.

Leidesdorff is also being finished up next week. Intermediate traffic control may be needed.

Work on Riley Street is scheduled to begin April 10 and go through April 14. While this work is happening, Riley will be closed 24 hours a day. Repairs will also be made to Rainbow Bridge so the Rainbow Bridge will also be closed. An extensive signage campaign will direct people during this time.

The Historic District is looking good, so come down for a stickybeak!

sutter facades