It was a beautiful evening, so we went for a Saturday Stroll on Sutter Street in Folsom, for the Second Saturday Art Walk.

It was really nice, there was plenty of action, but not huge crowds. There were pirates walking the street, pirates eating in restaurants, pirates visiting shops and pirates admiring the art.

We walked the street, talked to friends, and visited American Visions Gallery. Then was walked some more and checked out the Sutter Street Theatre.

There was still 40 minutes before the show started, just enough time to eat at the Black Rooster. Hot scones, coffee and a gelato smoothie filled us up and pleasant conversation filled our ears. Then back up the street to take in ‘Dial “M” for Murder’ at the Sutter Street Theatre.

Finally, it was time to head back up the street and take off for home.

It was a great night! Be sure to watch out for the next event in Sutter Street.