Three hour standoff ends peacefully

This morning at 2:45 A.M. Folsom Police officers responded to the area of Montrose Drive and Alezane Drive regarding a fight and loud party. Upon their arrival they located an injured subject with multiple lacerations and stab wounds to his back and chest. He was transported to an area hospital. The extent of his injuries, while serious, is unknown.

Officers traced the party to a fourplex in the 200 block of Montrose Drive. When officers attempted to contact the party goers, a subject slammed the door and retreated into the apartment. As officers waited outside to investigate the stabbing, the occupants of the apartment (eventually determined to be eleven people) taunted officers with profanities and gang signs.

A standoff between the occupants of the apartment and officers ensued. Eventually, after three hours of people slowly coming out to officers repeated requests, the last subject was detained in an upstairs bedroom. Three of the eleven people detained had lacerations, stab wounds, or blunt force injuries. One of the subjects, Ricky Mora (26 yrs of age, Folsom) kicked out the rear window of a patrol car after being detained. He was arrested for vandalizing a police car and on a probation violation.

ricky mora

Ricky Mora

Investigators are interviewing all of the involved parties to identify the suspect or suspects.

They determined the subject who was located with extensive lacerations to his back and chest had been asked to leave the party earlier in the evening after an altercation. The subject, who will not be identified at this time, allegedly returned with a group of friends armed with baseball bats, sticks, and possibly a knife. Witnesses say a violent fight ensued and the four people previously mentioned were injured.

It is unknown at this time who the aggressors where and who was defending themselves. When investigators have a clearer picture of what occurred, that information will be released.