A juvenile who led police on a short pursuit after running a stop sign and driving dangerously, put six other juveniles at risk.

Late Friday night a K-9 officer was startled when a convertible Chrysler Seabring nearly lost control in front of him, placing six juvenile passengers in danger. It started at 11:04 P.M. while the officer was patrolling a quiet Natoma Station community. At the intersection of Ingersol Way and Natoma Station Drive the Chrysler made a right turn at an extremely high rate of speed, sliding sideways. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle for excessive speed and running the stop sign, but the driver had other plans.

The driver made another right hand turn at Turnpike Drive, a residential street. Reaching speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour, the driver ignored several stop signs on the street. The occupants of the vehicle were hurling beer bottles at the pursuing marked police vehicle. At Natoma Station Drive and Blue Ravine Road the driver attempted to turn the Seabring right onto Blue Ravine, but lost control and struck a full size Suburban sport utility. The Seabring went airborne, flying over the center divide and coming to rest in on-coming traffic on east bound Blue Ravine Road.

The driver ignored officers’ orders to stop and ran from the scene, leaving his six passengers in the wrecked vehicle. One of the six suffered a concussion, but the others were unharmed. Beer was located in the disabled Seabring. The four occupants of the Suburban were also not injured.

The 1.3 mile pursuit lasted 1 minute. The juvenile suspect was identified through the course of the investigation and was arrested at 11:03 A.M. Sunday at his Folsom residence. He was booked into the Sacramento County Juvenile Hall charged with felony evasion of a marked police vehicle and felony hit and run causing injury. The suspect’s age restricts the release of his name or photograph.