Pergolas, are, in essence, outdoor rooms created by a lattice of crossed beams. Vines, climbing roses, or trailing bushes may be grown over the lattice, creating extra shade and charm. Pergolas may be designed for both large and small spaces: a pergola can cover a half-acre backyard, a smaller gazebo area, or a small patch of grass or cement. Here are the top four reasons to invest in a pergola.

1. Pergolas are an affordable way to save energy. Unlike installing double paned windows or a cooling system, a pergola kit is imminently affordable. Pergolas are geared to provide homeowners with “customizable shade.” In addition to providing a lovely outdoor space which offers relief from the sun and wind, pergolas shelter the home and its windows from the hottest rays of the sun. In Folsom, adding a pergola dropped the inside temperature by 15 degrees.

2. They create privacy. Barking dogs, a bouncing basketball, and a noisy stereo all detract from a sense of peace. A well-designed and well-placed pergola will filter out any surrounding unfavorable “visuals” and noises (i.e.—the neighbor drying his laundry in the backyard).

3. Pergolas can perfectly reflect the homeowner’s style. Pergolas traditionally were composed of wood and were typically painted white. With new materials (i.e. fiberglass), and an array of styles, pergolas can be customized to flow seamlessly with a home’s theme, be it classical Craftsman-style or modern adobe.

4. They can be a great do-it-yourself project. Homeowners hold the design reigns. They can choose a “pergola kit” and assemble the pergola entirely at home, or they may purchase a kit and have a skilled contractor erect the pergola. Alternatively, if the do-it-yourself mood doesn’t strike, homeowners may opt to have the entire project completed by skilled contractors.

Pergolas are a modern, efficient way to inject a little style and savings into any home’s outdoor space.