The “Overcharged Customer” Scheme Runs its Course

Folsom retailers are breathing a sigh of relief today, as two thieves targeting them are now in the county jail.

When Katheran Willis (24) and James Armstrong (41) devised an “overcharged customer” scheme, they stayed with what worked. After striking four businesses in Folsom, and several more in surrounding communities, they finally were caught in Folsom on June 12th.

On Sunday, Armstrong (of Sacramento) called the Smash Burger restaurant on East Bidwell Street and identified himself as “corporate”. He told the manager that the Folsom Smash Burger had overcharged a customer by $80, and the customer would be in today to collect her refund. This was the beginning of the end for Armstrong and Willis.

togos folsomThe manager recognized the scheme from a June 2nd police department press release which had been circulated by the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. He immediately called the police department and advised that the suspects were at his restaurant. Officers arrived and conducted surveillance, observing Armstrong circling the parking lot in the same gold Lexus witnesses had described in the previous crimes.

Armstrong was stopped in the vehicle by officers, and the gold Lexus was determined to have been reported stolen from Sacramento. Willis was arrested inside Smash Burger without incident.

Armstrong and Willis struck a Subway, a Togos, a Straw Hat Pizza, and an It’s a Grind coffee shop before their capture. They were booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of Possession of Stolen Property, Conspiracy, and Burglary. Armstrong and Willis are scheduled to appear in court in June 14th at 1:30 pm.