Come down to see Historic Folsom taking shape

The November 15 deadline for completion of most of the construction in Historic Folsom is getting closer. Although the contractor (Teichert) is reaching its deadlines, a new PG&E gas line must be installed before the 800 block sidewalks can be completed.

Unfortunately, PG&E’s timeline doesn’t match the construction timeline, so there may be a delay. Teichert is now doing all the digging for PG&E, to expedite the work. Teichert staff are working day and night shifts, 10 hour days.

The holdup caused by PG&E has caused sidewalk removal in the 700 block to be put on hold, until PG&E catches up. Teichert is also considering trenching through the current sidewalks (600 and 700 block) and installing the new utility lines.  They would then demolish the sidewalks after the new utilities were installed and then rebuild new sidewalks.

Historic Folsom general schedule for this week


folsom construction

600 block: Not a lot of activity this week.  Next week, they will be sawcutting and installing electrical utilities.  The shed roofs at Planet Earth Rising and Sunshine are scheduled for removal on 9/15.

Riley: Night work continues through Thursday night.  There will be one more night of work on Tuesday next week.

700 block: Finishing the storm drain and begin installing water lines on Friday.  Water underground will take two weeks.  Businesses should remove signs hanging from the shed roof, because shed roofs are scheduled for removal the week of 9/15.  This work will  last for 1 1/2 weeks and will take place at night.

800 block: Finishing the installation of utilities to each building.  This work is happening at night.  They are almost done and waiting for PG&E to complete their work.  Starting next week, the underground in front of Hop Sings will be repaired.

900 block: Concrete work in front of Guidos and Greenheart, and on Decatur.  The Folsom Blvd. off ramp will be closed for the rest of the week and the beginning of next week during their working hours.

Come down to the Historic District this week and get your hard hat, from any participating business.

The City sent a Revitalization Newsletter to every home in Folsom this week.  The four-page newsletter lists upcoming events, parking map and merchant quotes. If you didn’t receive one, some of the merchants have extra copies, just ask for one.

Historic Folsom is taking shape, come down to see it evolve.

Historic Folsom Revitalization banner

Historic Folsom Revitalization