Van, tractor trailer, and storage container up in flames

When the smoke cleared, it was evident someone purposely lit a parked vehicle on fire early Thursday morning.

On Thursday, January 6, at approximately 4:00 a.m., Folsom Fire dispatch received a call of a dumpster fire in the area of Hidden Falls Drive and Carpenter Hill Road. Upon arrival they noticed the flames were not from a dumpster fire. It was a van, a tractor trailer, and a large Conex storage container up in smoke.

When firefighters extinguished the fire there was nothing but scorched, bare metal and the shell of a large tractor trailer left standing. The storage container was also badly damaged by the fire. The van, tractor trailer, and storage container, which belonged to a local building contractor, contained miscellaneous building materials and electrical wiring.

arson fireFolsom Police responded to investigate if this was an arson fire. A fire naturally occurs when the elements of heat, fuel and oxygen are combined in the right mixture. Without sufficient heat, a fire cannot begin, and it cannot continue. Investigators at the scene were quickly able to rule out the possibility of the fire starting naturally. Due to the extremely cold temperature, approximately 32 degrees Fahrenheit, arson investigators concluded the van was purposely set ablaze at around 3:30 a.m.

The total amount of property loss has yet to be determined. This is an ongoing arson investigation, and anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Jeana Stover at (916) 355-7235, or contact the Crime Tipline at (800) 47-ARSON, or visit Those who call or visit the website can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward.