With the cost of health care skyrocketing and news reports stating it is continuing to rise, many people are looking for ways to shave dollars off medical expenses. Below are a few tips and tricks for saving without jeopardizing the quality of care.

  • Start saving by watching commercials and looking through advertisements. Many companies in the health care field will make special offers in ads. Taking advantage of these offers can often add up to significant savings. For instance, a lot of pharmacies will discount prices when you switch all of your prescriptions to that location. Since it is a good idea to have only one pharmacy filling prescriptions for safety reasons, consolidating all of them at one place may be the best option anyway.
  • Stay in tune with local media outlets. Several broadcast and print stories cover what free health care services are being offered in the community. Pay attention to stories alerting the public to these services. Some of the health care services offered for free in many communities include mammograms, cholesterol checks, back-to-school sports physicals and blood pressure screenings. Take advantage of what is offered for free.
  • Prescription cards can be another way to save money. By becoming a member of one of these plans, you can often significantly reduce the cost of medications. Many of these plans offer discounts on both prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Shop around for deals. If you haven’t found the discounted service you are looking for through local media and advertisements, use the Internet or local phone book to uncover savings. Look for things like free eye exams with your contact purchase and free x-rays or teeth cleaning during first-time dental visits.

If you still need to reduce health care costs, don’t forget to ask for discounts from your provider. Sometimes, just by asking, doctors and hospitals will voluntarily cut the costs of some services.