I walked into the captivating supernatural world of Zucchini’s Tricks & Things on an eerie Friday the 13th, but I had no inkling of just how extraordinary the night would really be. The evening promised a seamless fusion of eerie and enchanting experiences, commencing with a spine-tingling haunted walking tour to set the stage for the main event in Zucchini’s Back Room.

Supernatural Seance

The pièce de résistance of the night was the Seance Cannery Row. The amazing magician, Chris Herren, was the medium. He delved into the supernatural realm, offering us a glimpse of his unique talents.

As a lead-in to the seance Zucchini’s arranged a brief haunted walking tour prior to the seance providing a tantalizing taste of what lay ahead. It masterfully immersed us in the ghostly legends of Cannery Row, leaving goosebumps in its wake and prompting excited chatter about all of the the tales told.

Ethereal Lighting

Then, the moment arrived for the main event – the seance. The ethereal lighting enveloped the surroundings and the air was thick with suspense as Chris Herren took center stage. It reminded me of wonderful evenings in Folsom’s Sutter Street Theatre.

a supernatural chill fills the air at zucchini's. Photo by Actor Will Roberts

A supernatural chill fills the air at Zucchini’s. Photo by Actor Will Roberts

Chris Herren

Mr. Herren seamlessly bridged the gap between the living and the spine-tingling unknown. His Cannery Row narrative held us spellbound, as it was nothing short of mind-blowing. He skillfully weaved history and mystery together to transport us to another era.

As the night progressed, I found myself oscillating between belief and skepticism. The intimate room seemed to pulsate with invisible forces, with Chris Herren serving as our conduit to the other side. The atmosphere crackled with energy, and the echoes of past stories reverberated through the room.

Intrigue and Mystery

In the end, regardless of whether you stand as a staunch skeptic or a devout believer, one thing is undeniable: Seance Cannery Row offers an unforgettable journey into the enigmatic. It was an evening brimming with intrigue, mysteries, and an eerie sense of wonder that will eternally linger in the memories of those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

What truly distinguishes Seance Cannery Row as something amazing and different is the testimonials from the audience. Conversations with fellow theatergoers after the event revealed that it was more than just a “show.” Each of us had experiences that left us spellbound. The authenticity and openness of these firsthand accounts added a layer of credibility to the supernatural encounters we bore witness to.

If you regret missing this opening night, don’t worry. Visit zucchinismagicshop.com for additional details on upcoming seances and events. Seance Cannery Row and Chris Herren’s mesmerizing performance are experiences you won’t want to pass up.

Seance Cannery Row

While this video is eerily enchanting, nothing stirs the senses quite like being in The Back Room at Zucchini’s in person, especially when a chill fills the air, and the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end!

zucchinis seance cannery row. photo and graphics by actor will roberts

Zucchini’s Seance Cannery Row. Photo and graphics by Actor Will Roberts.