Will Roberts at Zucchini’s Tricks & Things, the oldest Magic Shop in California is thrilled to announce the latest spine-chilling adventure on Cannery Row – the Ghost Tour. Following the overwhelming success of the Seance Cannery Row,” Will now invite mystery lovers to partake in a journey shrouded in the mist of time, echoing the spirits of John Steinbeck’s legendary narrative.

Embark on an eerie evening where the past meets the present, weaving through the once-bustling sites of Cannery Row, where the echoes of its heyday resonate with tales of the mysterious and the supernatural. As the sun sets and the moon casts its glow, you will explore the haunts and hear the whispers of a time when canneries ruled the coast.

Cannery Row Seance

The night culminates with an intimate and mystifying séance hosted by the renowned magician and medium, Chris Herren, in the enigmatic back room of Zucchini’s Tricks & Things. Here, within walls that have seen 45 years of magical history, you may find the veil between worlds thinner than ever.

Prepare for an experience etched in history and mystery alike – an evening on Cannery Row that will linger in your memory long after the spirits have retreated into the shadows. Join Will and Chris … if you dare.

Reservations are now open. Secure your encounter with the spectral legacy of Cannery Row before it vanishes into the night.

Ghost Tour Location

Visit zucchinismagicshop.com for full details and to stay updated on upcoming séances and the ghost tour.

Zucchini’s Tricks & Things
711 Cannery Row, Suite h
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 760-8291

cannery row ghost tour. Image by Will Roberts.

cannery row ghost tour. Image by Will Roberts.