A unique specialty toy store – BrainyZoo Toys – has opened a second Folsom store in the Sutter Street community of Old Folsom. The toy store was founded in 1982 and operated as Toys That Teach, at the Nimbus Winery by Spaghetti Factory for 25 years.

Two years ago, they moved from the Spaghetti Factory location to the Folsom Premium Outlets (in 2018).

Folsom Family

Marc Gabris, son of BrainyZoo’s owners Marlene and Charles Gabris says the business is “super proud” to join the special community in downtown Folsom. The Gabris family who own BrainyZoo Toys have been frequent visitors to Sutter Street for years.

BrainyZoo Toys opens second location in Sutter Street, Folsom.

BrainyZoo Toys opens second location in Sutter Street, Folsom.

Gabris said “Historic Folsom is where we love to go to spend time with friends and family and celebrate special occasions. It also has our favorite Farmers Market and boutique shops.”

Marlene Gabris, BrainyZoo Toys founder is very excited to be a part of the Sutter Street community.

Marlene Gabris says “Every day visitors to our new location on Sutter Street tell us they grew up shopping at our Nimbus Winery store and are so happy to see us again. We love to hear how that store impacted their lives and it is rewarding to see them bring in their children and grandchildren to both our new Sutter Street store and our existing store at the Folsom Premium Outlets.”

BrainyZoo Toys Family-Owned

BrainyZoo Toys is a local family-owned toy store that has been serving the Sacramento area since 1982. They company carefully chooses toys that are creative, captivating, and challenging which inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Marc Gabris invites the whole community to visit Sutter Street, and especially to visit their beautiful stores to see the high quality toys their family will love.

For more information about BrainyZoo Toys call Marketing Director (Marc Gabris) at (916) 254-3399 or visit www.brainyzootoys.com and https://www.facebook.com/BrainyZooToys.­­­­­­­­­­­­­