Unscrupulous Solicitors Won’t Take No for an Answer

Folsom’s Thanksgiving burglary series not only attracted the interest of the media, but also unscrupulous home alarm sales people. Since last weeks news coverage, the Folsom Police Department has received several calls from concerned residents regarding the tactics employed by home alarm sales people. In one incident, a salesman was telling homeowners the Folsom Police Department does not respond to home burglary alarms.

Folsom Police respond to all business and home alarms

“Not true,” said Captain Bryan Sather of the Patrol Operations Division. “The Folsom Police Department responds to all business and home alarms within the Folsom city limits. Alarms in Folsom are required to be permitted with the police department to ensure we have all the information needed contact a home or business owner in the event they have been victimized.”

Another tactic used this week to sell alarms systems is being investigated as a possible theft. The salesperson contacted a homeowner and advised her the company monitoring the home alarm she currently subscribes to was bought by the company he represents.

The salesman used deceitful tactics in convincing the homeowner to move her service to his company. The Folsom Police Department is reviewing the tactics used to determine whether or not a crime was committed.

The entire region should be wary of door-to-door solicitors selling merchandise and/or services. In Folsom, the City requires all solicitors to have a business license and solicitation permit on file. Citizens should not be afraid to request proof of a license or permit before doing business with a solicitor. Unlicensed solicitors face misdemeanor charges for ignoring these requirements. The practices reported this week in Folsom are a discredit to legitimate organizations, so be careful.