Following in the footsteps of previous operations, Folsom Police Officers conducted their Decoy Shoulder Tap Operation yesterday. The aim of the operation is to detect whether adults purchase alcohol for people under the legal limit of 21 years old.

The decoy, a minor under the direct supervision of a peace officer, stands outside a liquor or convenience store and asks patrons to buy them alcohol. The minor clearly indicates in some way that he or she is underage and therefore cannot legally purchase the alcohol.

You might think that nobody would be trapped by this, because the law is well known and the monor states they are under age. Some adults do agree to purchase alcohol for the minor. If they do, officers arrest and cite them for furnishing alcohol to the minor. The penalty for furnishing alcohol to a minor is a minimum $1000 fine and 24 hours of community service.

The operation yesterday resulted the arrest of a single person, 23 year old Oryan Gibson, of Folsom.

Yesterdays Decoy Shoulder Tap Operation was followed up today with a “Recognition and Reward” operation, in which a young-looking 21 year old, who attempts to purchase alcohol. The aim of this operation is to check whether alcohol retailers correctly request ID from youthful purchasers.

Any retailers who correctly ask for identification are notified that the operation is a check of their practices, and they are thanked for helping to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors and encouraged to keep up the good work in checking ID. Any retailers who do not check ID are reminded of the importance of checking ID, but are not cited because the buyer is 21 years old.

Thankfully, all 12 businesses checked dis ask the alcohol buyer for proof of age.

According to the American Medical Association, underage drinking can increase chances of a range of behaviors, including risky sexual behavior and teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency. It may also compromise health, and result in unintentional injury and death.

Folsom Police will also conduct “Party Patrols”, where there are large gatherings where minors may be consuming alcohol in both homes and public areas such as parks and remote parking lots. They will also conduct undercover operations in area bars and restaurants where alcoholic beverages are served.