Construction continues to move along steadily. Starting today, Teichert moves the 700 block fence to Riley. This will close the parking in the Hacienda/Pizzeria Classico lot.

Delivery trucks should park below in the Trader Lane lot. Attached is the traffic plan for tomorrow, July 21. Electronic reader boards are positioned on Riley, Folsom Blvd and Natoma and direct people to take Reading for Sutter Street access. This detour takes people directly to the parking garage, where parking is easily accessible.

On the 600 block, work continues down the middle of the road. This block will also be fenced to keep people out of the work zone. They will move the fence in the evening to allow one way traffic flow. Access to Chicago Fire/Powerhouse parking lot and Planet Earth Parking lot will be available in the evening.

Construction for Sutter Street Revitalization Moves Steadily Along 1Pedestrian walkway signage, new parking directional signage, and businesses open signage has been designed and ordered, and will be up very soon.

Free Valet Parking Service
A valet service program is under development and will launch in the next few weeks. Starting July 28, the Historic District will have a weekly ad in the Telegraph that shows the latest information on access including where to park and what’s happening for the week in Historic Folsom.

Second Saturday
The next Second Saturday is August 14. Several businesses are putting together displays of arty merchandise, for example, an antique store could develop a display on historic glassware.

The September 11 Second Saturday is to feature a Chalk It Up! local artists are invited to come decorate the street with chalk, for the community to see, review and critique. This should be a very fun Second Saturday (and a much cooler day).

Antique Peddler’s Fair and Fallfest
These two events will also be in the Trader Lane parking lot, to accommodate the construction schedule. There will also be entertainment on Sutter Street.

Thursday Night Market
Thursday Night Market continues for the next two weeks in the Trader Lane parking lot and many Sutter Street Merchants will be open.

Four more months to go and we will have a beautiful historic district!