6 weeks to go until substantial completion!

Teichert and PG&E working during the day this week and next.  No night work is scheduled.

This is a huge week for this project” according to Shannon Cheyne, the Folsom Historic District Association Manager and liaison between Teichert and Sutter Street property owners and merchants.

Teichert graded and repaved Sutter Street from South Reading to Decatur.  Decatur and South Reading are also being repaved, and they worked on Saturday to finish the work. The 900 block, Decatur, and South Reading now have a new road. The only things left to do in this area is insert granite kerbs and landscaping.

Guido’s Del

Guido’s Deli was closed on Friday and Saturday due to that work, so Shannon asked local merchants and Folsomites to support them throughout this week. Guido’s Deli delivers to you!  Call Guido’s at 351-1577.  Please remember to also support Wine Styles, Old Europe and Folsom Lake Bank this week. Thank you 900 block businesses for your patience. Also, thank you to our residents in Sutter Court. You have endured night time work, bright lights, loud machinery and dust. It will be better very soon. Thank you again for your cooperation.

Also happening:

600 block: PG&E continues work in the 600 block. In addition, storm drain services will be installed to each building this week and next week. Electrical installation is also starting next week.

700 block: Sewer services are being brought to individual businesses during the day. Teichert will be cutting through the sidewalks and keep access open to businesses. Sewer services will continue through Monday of next week. Following sewer, water services will be happening next week.

PG&E is also scheduled to start working in the 700 block next week.

800 block: Sidewalk forms are being built. The first level of sidewalks (closest to businesses) is being built first. The second level of sidewalks will follow. All sidewalks are scheduled for completion by October 15.

Repaving the street will follow the 900 block, once concrete is complete.

900 block: New road completed.