water conservation garden

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Water Conservation Garden

The City of Folsom and Intel Corporation are seeking volunteers to plant a new water conservation demonstration garden at the Hinkle Creek Nature Center on the afternoon of Saturday Oct. 2.

Intel Corporation provided a grant to fund the project through a community based environmental program.  Intel employees will work alongside City employees and community volunteers to install the landscaping at the Hinkle Creek Nature Center, 7100 Baldwin Dam Road.

The water conservation demonstration garden is designed to educate residents and school children on the importance of water conservation in landscape design.  The garden will feature drought tolerant ornamental and native plants, the latest in low-volume irrigation, and irrigation controller technology that will track water use in landscape.

water conservation garden
Water conservation garden

An estimated 5,000 students and residents are expected to visit Hinkle Creek Nature Center next year to learn about ways to maintain beautiful gardens while using less water, a vital natural resource.

Water Conservation Garden Volunteers Wanted

Interested volunteers, for the water conservation garden, 13 years and older, should call Folsom’s Water Management Program at (916) 355-7252.


  1. Did this project happen? Are plans available? We would love to do something similar.

  2. Water conservation is really necessary these days. We should conserve as much resources as possible because water may get scarce in the future. I have a water tank connected to my roof gutters. We use that mainly for the garden, but it also tastes better than water straight from the faucet. Of course, we have a good filter in the tank too.

    Kindest regards

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