“Bacon Today” Introduces “Bacon Events” – Its National Registry Of Bacon Oriented Gatherings!

Nationally reigning bacon blog, “Bacon Today,” has come up with another exciting and helpful innovation designed to keep the serious “Baconistas” of the world well informed, continuously closely connected and happily squealing with delight.

It was only a matter of time before for this increasingly rising wave of “Baco-Mania” reached a point where it became clear that we had to create this professionally presented “Public Pork Portal” for dedicated “Baconeers and Baconettes,” a comfortable, bacon friendly environment where they can come to find and connect with one another,” explained “Bacon Today’s” Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock.

They just celebrated the Grand Opening of their “Bacon Events” section, which allows Bacon Freaks from all over the country to post in-depth and fully informative announcements about upcoming Bacon-Fests and other bacon oriented events, as well as allow “Bacoholics” from all across the country seek out “public pork passionate presentations” near and far, to either help participate with or simply to attend as a guest.

“Whether you have a bacon event that you want to announce to the world or are just looking for a great way to plan a bacon focused road trip or seek out local ‘baconferences’ to ‘baconnect’ with people with similar interests, we’ve created this one stop, has it all bridge of ‘baconism’ both locally and nationally. People absolutely love it and we’re getting all sorts of interest!”
– Rocco Loosbrock

The “Bacon Events” page is very user friendly, specifically designed to be extremely simple, clear, quick and obvious as to how to use it. There are clearly marked sections for posting events, as well as perusing for some to attend. If you truly love bacon or simply know somebody else who does, you really need to be sure that you check this out over at http://bacontoday.com/events and bookmark it for future reference.