Don’t let a car dealer fool you. This might seem like a simple rule to follow, but you should know that this is often the most difficult rule to follow when shopping for a car. Dealers have experience and there is a reason they have been doing it for years. They are very good at what they do and so don’t let them fool you into thinking you have the upper hand. Before you walk into the store you better know that you have the upper hand and a few simple steps will make sure that you do.

Never believe the line “I’m not going to make any money off this sale.” They love to say that all the time as they drop the price a little. Do not believe this. If they were in the habit of doing that they would not be employed. These are family people and they have bills to pay. Do not believe for a single second that the money you are paying them isn’t enough for them to get a sizable commission. They are always making money.

Don’t let them tell you this brand new car will not affect your insurance rates. If you were driving a beater and decided to upgrade your insurance rates can and will almost always increase. The car insurance companies are very serious about making you get ample coverage for an expensive new car. Your insurance can and will go up. You can bet on that.

Always be willing to walk out. If you are not willing to walk out if it’s not the price you are looking for then they will get you for the price they want you to pay. You have to be willing to leave if the money is not right for you. It may feel disappointing to not get the car you wanted but it’s better than the feeling of overpaying.