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In its continued effort to ensure minors and merchants are following the law as it relates to alcohol use and sales, the Folsom Police Special Investigation Unit conducted a Minor Decoy/Shoulder Tap Operation on Friday October 21, 2011.

A minor decoy is any person, under the age of 21, who assists police with identifying and apprehending suspects who violate laws associated to alcohol ordinances. The Folsom Police Department Special Investigation Unit, in coordination with the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC), carefully selects individuals older than 18 years of age with no criminal history and no suspected alcohol violations associated with their character.

The following is a summary of Friday’s operation:

  • Lucas Leiva (19), an employee of Vic’s IGA Market (9580 Oak Avenue Parkway) was arrested for selling beer to a minor decoy.
  • Wen Feng (45), the owner of the Lucky Dragon Restaurant (9580 Oak Ave Parkway), was arrested for selling alcohol to a minor decoy.
  • Steven Thomas Williams (26) was arrested for purchasing alcohol for a minor decoy from Save Mart Liquor and Food (8839 Madison Ave).
  • Steven Garcia (47) was arrested for purchasing alcohol for a minor decoy from Discount Food and Liquor (700 E. Bidwell St). He was additionally charged with possession of narcotic paraphernalia and possession of an open container of alcohol.
  • Randall Weston (22) was arrested for purchasing alcohol for a minor decoy from 5 Star Liquor (332 E. Bidwell Street).

    Through the assistance of grant funding by ABC, Folsom Police Department is afforded the opportunity to conduct such investigations, and thereby continue its efforts in the prevention of tragedies related to youth and alcohol.

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