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Support local author Gina Mulligan whose condensed life story is in the Top 100 of “Your Life… The Reader’s Digest Version” contest.  Already posted on

(New York, NY – October 10, 2011) Local author Gina Mulligan’s 150-word life story is currently a Top 100 public vote contender in the “Your Life… The Reader’s Digest Version” contest at Mulligan, of Folsom, California is trending as one of the most popular submissions and has the chance to be published in an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest magazine. Reader’s Digest editors will select the grand prize winner and ten runners up from the Top 100 public vote entrants. We encourage you and your readers to keep Mulligan in the Top 100 by voting online at

Her story:

“The Healing Power of Letters” by Gina Mulligan

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 at just 40 years old, I was writing an epistolary novel, a novel comprised entirely of letters. While undergoing treatment and working on fictional letters, I started receiving letters. I received over 200 notes, many from people I’d never met. It was so encouraging and uplifting to know someone took the time and care to write to me. In this age of text messages and email, we’ve forgotten that letters are precious gifts with the power to heal. From my experiences, I started a charity called Girls Love Mail. The goal of Girls Love Mail is to encourage newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with the gift of a hand-written letter. A few simple words and a stamp are all it takes to help someone going through a tough time. For me, starting Girls Love Mail was one of those AHA moments.

This is all part of the Reader’s Digest continual effort to enrich and simplify Americans’ lives.  This particular project “Your Life…The Reader’s Digest Version” celebrates the launch of the new book, “Life… The Reader’s Digest Version,” which is also the first of a new series, by creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people’s personal stories to be widely read and for the opportunity of one story to be published in Reader’s Digest to its more than 30 million readers, plus be the recipient of a major cash award. Several runner-up stories will also receive attention and cash prizes.  Stories will be voted on by consumers and winners will ultimately be selected from the Top 100 by Reader’s Digest editors.  Americans can vote for and submit 150-word stories about lessons, simple advice, funny moments and other life stories at