Some members would like Ambassador Philip Kapneck to hold a class and discuss his formula in assisting small business during these tight economic times so that businesses can achieve their goals.

Kapneck has a great business knowledge and background and would be able to direct small business in new ways of marketing their products and creating new economic opportunities.

Philip Kapneck - Maryland Flag

Philip Kapneck – Maryland Trade Ambassador

One item in the “Kapneck Business Formula” that has proven itself, is to set up a network with other related companies that will expand each other`s business.

It`s clear that Philip Kapneck believes small business is the foundation of a growing economy and if his complete formula is implemented it will also create jobs, as he has demonstrated.

More about Philip Kapneck

Philip Kapneck lived in Washington D.C. and graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School. He attended George Washington University, was elected to the Maryland State Convention, and was appointed special advisor on Higher Education to the Governor’s office. He was appointed by Governor Marvin Mandel to open Maryland’s first overseas office in Brussels, Belgium as the State’s Trade Ambassador. He assisted the Federal Government in “Invest in the USA”.

”Kapneck, for the past thirty plus years, has brought a multitude of jobs into Maryland and USA and when he is not overseas he works without remuneration to help the citizens of Maryland find jobs with companies he brings into the State.” – Maryland State officials